If you’re lucky enough to live in the Black Hills of Dakota, have a beautiful bride, a handsome son and a faithful dog, then shoooot son, you are lucky enough.

We believe in freedom of religion for all of humanity and conversely, that competition of religious beliefs is one of the greatest detriments to society.

We believe that –

A person's experience is a person's experience.

A person's belief, is a person's belief.

You can’t change that…….but one can change the other.

It’s a spiritual truth.

A person's experience can change their belief and a person's belief, will change their experience.

~ the onus is on us to choose our own path………and respect others on theirs ~

P.S.  “Each person should be fully respected in what they believe about God, about life, and about themselves.”  Dr. Benjamin HardyBe Your Future Self Now, pg. 121.

Our current goals for One Nation Under Shirt are to;
- Stimulate more unity among humanity.
- Donate 10% of the net profits to charities that positively affect the lives of children.

- Speak with Dr. Brene Brown.

- See Bono and U2 play at the Sphere = Achieved 12/16/23.